How to Meet Romanian Women: A Complete Guide

Any non-Romanian male has a high chance of winning over a Romanian woman. In fact, local men do not pose much of a threat because the women go crazy for foreigners. Since that’s the case, all there’s left to do is meet them. Some would recommend that you take a trip to Romania and meet women straight from the source and that’s an option but who has the time and money to take such a chance? This is an even bigger risk for those who know little to no Romanian. Therefore, the online route is best. Online dating allows a more targeted search to take place, you set the pace, and many sites offer translation services along with several others to make the experience both productive and enjoyable. Here’s a complete guide on how to meet Romanian women

It Starts with a Numbers Game

Learning how to meet Romanian women online is a numbers game so treat it as such. Send a brief yet memorable message to the women who catch your eye. In the message say hello, introduce yourself, state what drew you to her (mention something specific from her profile) and let her know that you would like to chat some time. Once done, wait for the replies to roll in. Meeting women is as simple as that!


You want to compliment any Romanian woman you meet. They cannot get enough and compliments are even more special when they’re from a foreigner. Women from Romania dress up, always have their hair done and, of course, makeup. They love when men recognize the effort. Just ensure that all compliments are genuine. Romanian women can see right through you whether you’re talking online or in person. Along with making her feel special, compliments will encourage her to continue corresponding. At first, messages are all you have and you want to keep them going. 

Romania Dating: How to Date Romanian Girls

Talk Culture

When two people start corresponding online, there’s that stage when you’re not sure what to say since things haven’t gotten romantic yet but you’ve covered the ‘getting to know you’ basics. Fill that conversational void with a cultural exchange. A great way to push a conversation to this topic is saying something like, "The weather has been beautiful in (fill in where you live) lately.” Before you know it, she’s talking about the weather in her city/town, you can then ask about life in Romania, customs and share yours. This approach is best since it makes it impossible to come across as patronizing. Romanians hate that.

Show Your Generosity

You know how many international dating sites have a gift giving service that delivers your gift of choice to your online love? Well, use it. Meeting Romanian women requires wooing and a bit of spoiling sooner than later. Since distance is against you and gifting her with flowers on a first date isn’t an option, you have to use what you have. No need to get too extravagant. Flowers or chocolates will do. 

Message Regularly

Once you meet someone you like, message her often. Every Romanian woman likes attention and needs to know that you haven’t forgotten about her. 

If you do decide to visit Romania…

Meeting women is challenging but it can be done. The best places to connect with local women include:
  • Coffee shops
  • Malls
  • Parks
To start, just know that they aren’t very open to talking to strangers. In order to change that, begin by asking if you can speak with her for a moment. It is best to do this when she is seated somewhere like a park bench or in a coffee shop. While you’re there, be interesting. You either have to come with a good story or some good game. Woo her, talk to her, put forth a positive attitude, allow some emotion to flow into the conversation and end with something like, "You are so beautiful. I can’t let you go before getting your number. I would like to take you out to dinner sometime. May I?” This line will pleasantly surprise Romanian women and warrant a yes on many occasions. You may strike out a few times but keep trying. Learning how to meet Romanian women in person requires some trial and error. You’ll hone your skills in time and meet some wonderful girls in the process.