5 Major Differences Between Russian and Romanian Brides

As many international daters looking for a bride know, Russian and Romanian women share many similarities. They have similar backgrounds, values, traditions and more. That being said, they differ in a few significant areas. Consider the differences below to decide which group suits you best. When you’re looking for a bride, you want to ensure that you find the perfect woman for you and choose the type of woman that shares your idea of a healthy and happy marriage. 


One difference between Russian and Romanian brides is physical appearance. Although they both share that classic Eastern European beauty, Romanian women are often brunette with smoldering dark eyes while most Russian women are blonde with light eyes and their forever famous long legs. They both have their own unique beauty to offer a man. Additionally, they have different body types. Men who prefer women with more curves should go with a Romanian bride. They are the ideal balance of slender and shapely which is why men go wild for them. As for Russian brides, they are modelesque meaning tall and thin. 

Overall Nature

Romanian brides are very easygoing. Marry one and you will enjoy a long, happy marriage with an amazing woman. Along with getting a wife, you will get a friend that you can laugh with, go on adventures with, and have a wife that isn’t afraid to get her hands a little dirty. In the case of conflict, a Romanian bride is there to offer a resolution. If you’re upset, she’ll calm you down. Russian brides, on the other hand, can be cold at times despite their overall loving nature and are occasionally harsh during conflict which works for men who prefer fiery women.

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Their Views on PDA

Quite commonly, men who marry beautiful women like to indulge in some PDA every so often. Such affections are a sweet way to openly show your love. If you marry a Romanian single women, she will welcome the PDA with open arms. It is acceptable for couples to show their love for each other while out in public. In fact, PDA in Romania may make the most affectionate couples blush but Russians avoid it. Whether you and your Russian wife are attending a holiday party or taking a stroll through the park, save any affections for later. It is just not acceptable in Russian culture dating. As the years go by, times are changing but the people remain fairly reserved. 

One Expects Immediate Financial Security

Russian women do not go after a man’s money and are not gold diggers but they do expect financial security once they get married. This is especially the case if marrying a foreign man. You see, very few men in Russia take on the responsibility of supporting a family despite it being tradition. Quite often, a woman marries, has children, the man she marries cannot keep a job, the family struggles and the woman must find a job. The thing is, Russian women like to stay with tradition. Romanian women, on the other hand, are more progressive. They want that financial security AND have the desire to explore their own career paths.

The Value of Money

Romanian women are not high maintenance like Russian brides. While Russian brides will splurge on clothing, shoes, makeup and hair products, Romanian women tend to value money more. They do not need to or feel the need to spend excessive amounts of money to keep themselves up and tend to be savers that want to ensure a stable financial future. Russian brides can easily go a little overboard because being a housewife is an unaffordable luxury in Russia. Therefore, once they have the life they always dreamed of, they want to live a little while loving the man providing this new lifestyle. Being supported by a partner is also a luxury for Romanian women but they generally have more independent spirits than Russian women. This varies, of course, but although appreciative of the life a foreign man offers, they prefer to earn a living and achieve personal career goals in addition to playing the role of a housewife. Another bonus is Romanian brides have more spiritual depth so material items do not impact their happiness.