Top best apps in Romania and why to use them

Beautiful and sexy Romanian women love having new chances in life and finding a nice foreign man online. It can be for travelling together, or for something more serious.
These hotties aren’t spending all their day online, since they’re fond of sports and very diligent in their professional activities. But that is how you know they are real.
Romania is very popular among tourists from all over the world, and people there are super friendly even towards strangers. Still, it’s more recommended to meet the girls online first.
It creates a bigger storage of trust, helps to build a primary connection before doing such a big step as travelling, helps to chose the girl correctly or collect several female pretenders if needed.
Through the dating app, it is possible to receive many personal photos a girl would probably not show you in reality, being too busy with talks and walks. Take the maximum out of that.
Plus, a sexy girl in Romania can become your guide, and show you around at no cost. But for that, you need to establish a pleasant communication in advance, much before you actually meet.
There are many dating sites in Romania, but not enough local dating apps, so women gladly use popular international platforms. It’s easy to find a Romanian girl on one of such apps.

No. 3 app. Lipisiosii

It’s a popular dating & hookup app with a very cute design, mostly for youth. But since Romanian girls easily accept relationships with the age gap, they chat with older foreigners too.
The profiles aren’t professionally done, which means dating agencies are not involved. Casual selfies prevail, but it also helps to see the real appearance. Lipisiosii is surely available in English.

No. 2 app.

This app is mostly meant for marital purposes, so join it only if you’re seeking a Romanian bride. Of course, girls date through this platform too, but at least a guy should be serious-minded.
It makes sense to use this app along with the desktop version, since the app itself is rather new and less populated. Romanian women of all ages are present there, so the choice is big.

No. 1 app. Brilic

Dating experts consider Brilic a more promising platform that previous ones, since the database of single Romanian girls is really big and they seek all kinds of relationships.
Brilic attracts female users with an informative dating blog, mostly in Russian, which Romanians perfectly speak. Women also like the possibility to meet successful and stable men.
To create such a reputation about yourself, it’s enough to join the app which costs a bit higher than average, and remain its member. Brilic is considered one of elite dating apps.

Are Romanian girls an easy catch?

Some men prefer to catch a girl quickly and others prefer to conquer her gradually. Romanian women are rather in the golden middle. Here is what experienced daters tell about them.
Thanks to their playful nature, joyful character, relaxed life without big social and financial stresses, they may seem very friendly and always available. But, they have their principles as well.
It always makes sense to tell them compliments, take them out, arrange long romantic walks. It’s healthier than dining and wining all the time, and it’s budget-saving too.
That is also why western men find it ok to wait for Romanian girl’s mutuality, they like to at least spend less. Even hookups in Romania are cheaper or free because girls simply like a man.
But, one has to remember, the more he integrates into a girl’s life emotionally, the sexier she will become with him. In Romania, these things are very much interconnected.
It means, be a good listener, always ask questions about their daily duties, their mood, their relatives’ well-being, their preferences and dreams, then you will get the best lover ever.

How to start online conversation?

Only narrow-minded people think all women are the same, or all men are the same. To succeed in dating or any other kind of relationship, one needs to know national nuances.
Romanian women can surely answer the simple hi, even they can pass on some impolite sentences if it’s just once and not a constant behaviour. They’re very kind and easy-going.
So you still have all chances even if you started talking in a wrong manner, but then try to get more in depth and listen to them instead of being egocentric or too naughty.
No matter what mistakes you do, Romanian girls tend to justify you, just because they’re happy and content. However, you should show your respect and care from time to time.
They are usually ok with you visiting them right now or in six months from now. It means, their flexibility is stronger than their practical side. Again, it is connected with their relaxed attitude.
Romanian women aren’t desperate to meet immediately, like Moldovan or Ukrainian girls, and aren’t hesitant or afraid to meet, like some Russian females. Their attitude is just well-balanced.
Doesn’t matter if you have casual plans or long-term plans regarding your new Romanian friend, communicate with her like if she was your future bride. Be gallant and sweet.
At the same time, keep humorous and healthily light-headed so she won’t feel you hover or insist on something. Enjoy those great moments together, and there will be even more of them.

Can you meet Romanian girls on famous apps?

Applications like Tinder or Badoo, almost aren’t used by Romanian women since they look for a more profound connection than being liked for sexy selfies. But, Bimbo live everywhere.
One can certainly find models and club dancers through these apps, although in Romania, mostly foreign girls play this role. It provides plenty of escort material on the territory of the country.
Although Romanian girls aren’t nationalistic, they like speaking their language and appreciate their culture. That’s why it’s easier to meet them on their local dating apps.
There are platforms meant for Eastern European dating, and Romanians avoid them for same reasons. Only Brilic app is greatly welcomed by them, although it also hosts Russian and Asian girls.
There is no big contrast between social groups in Romania, but still, girls who use the world famous apps are either cheap escort women or spoiled daddy’s girls who travel a lot.
Both categories are a bit stressful to deal with, for different reasons. Dating a middle class girls in Romania is much more smooth and reassuring, it doesn’t take big efforts at all.
Moreover, women who wait for men foreigners in world famous apps, shall appear scammers or other fraudulent personalities, which is not typical for Romanian women in general.
So watch out and use the apps we recommended, in order to meet the most sincere Romanian ladies and start your amazing love journey in picturesque Bucharest, the best travel destination.