What unites Moldovan and Romanian girls?

Moldovian women are beautiful, but they are still visited less than Romanian beauties. Why so, and what is the difference between these two nationalities? Dating experts are revealing it.
Romanian women are typically more dark-haired and olive-skinned, while there are many blondes with blue eyes among Moldova girls. So it really depends on your taste.
Otherwise, they are similar physically: rather slim than curvy, rather tall than short, although petite women can be found in both countries as well. Romanian girls are often called sexier though.
Specialists say it comes from within, since women in Romania usually have very bright personalities, and a lot of charisma. They’re very sensual even despite of traditionalistic thinking.
Both Moldovan and Romanian women are soft and feminine, although can show strength when needed. But in their daily life and relationships, Romanian girls are softer and more polite.
It is explained by the fact that life is easier in Romania, and economics is better. Therefore, people don’t need to develop the self-protective behaviour or aggressive manners.
Romanian girls also drink less. Actually, they almost never drink, except for good home-made wine or herbal infusion. The absence of bad habits also comes from an easier life.
Since Moldovan and Romanian cultures greatly merge, starting from the language, Moldova girls often chose to relocate to Romania and improve their job opportunities there.
They start their journey to Europe from there and enjoy travelling. It’s easy to date Moldovan girls in Romania since they are already detached from their homeland, physically and mentally.
Yet, Romanian citizens place higher positions and are more independent, so one can count on the equal relationship and a very stable mutual understanding with local women.

How to seduce a Romanian girl vs Moldovan?

Romanian women are somewhat harder to get due to their education and intelligence, a stable social position, stronger family values, the absence of desperation which we observe in Moldova.
But, it’s a good thing. It gives the opportunity to really appreciate Romanian hotties and court them like true ladies, which is a forgotten skill today. You can train it in Bucharest!
They are easy-going and trusting, so do not offend their friendly welcoming. They are healthily proud, so do not try to dominate too much. They are passionate, so do not be cold with them.
Romanian women like to feel special and appreciated. It surely can be said about any woman on Earth, but remember they’re really classical and romantic, so this strategy would help a lot.
Although flowers are considered trivial and old-fashioned in the west, they still rock in countries like Romania. One rose can do miracles, so do not neglect this simple method.
Here is a little secret for you, talks about faithfulness don’t work that well with Romanian girls if a man seems a boring nerd. Do talk about your one-woman attitude, but be bright and sexy.
Romanian women are much less demanding to a man’s prestigious outfit and accessories than western and European girls. But they’d never give up tidiness and good manners. Do not forget that.
Kindness is what impresses them the most, and makes their heart melt completely. If you try, you’ll never regret results. Just do more good stuff for people around in her presence.
All that isn’t very difficult to do, yet it insures wonderful outcome. As you can see, dating and hookups in Romania aren’t even expensive, like they could be in the US or Moldova.

Romanian quest for love: foreigners accepted?

Some men worry that Romania is one of countries where only local dating is welcomed. Fear not: Bucharest girls are highly interested in foreigners, and not for commercial reasons!
First of all, as we already mentioned, Romanian beauties are naturally passionate, and it isn’t very critical for them men of which nationality to date. Love sees no color and knows no borders.
Secondly, women in Romania aren’t desperate at all to leave their country, they are doing quite well there. But they are definitely keen on travelling, and want an open-minded travel buddy.
It differs a lot from what we see in Moldova where people consider their life very poor and want to do literally anything to change it. In this regard, dating in Romania is more relaxing.
No matter how conservative girls are, it’s still easier to get laid with them when they aren’t desperate. Being calm about their future no matter what, they don’t push you to marry.
Basically, they accept anyone who shows kindness and other good strategies listed above, if a person doesn’t pretend to be a playboy who collects women. They dislike this type.
Another trait not welcomed in Romania, is being obsessed with one’s smartphone. Be careful, because Romanian men are busy with real stuff and they know how to communicate offline.
So if you spend all your date with a hot girl staring at your phone screen, you won’t progress much. Do not drink a lot either, since they want to escape hard-drinking Romanian folks.
As you can see from last statements, there are two main types of men in Romania, handy men who work diligently and repair things, but also men with bad habits, lazy and abusive.
The first type are your competitors, so you should show even better skills. The second type plays on your side, because you can show to a girl a completely opposite lifestyle.
By the way, Romanian women easily fall for men who are into veganism and organic food. Their local men are too down-to-earth for that, while girls appreciate modern views and fresh concepts.

What is a Romanian wife like vs Moldovan?

It’s understood most of men are travelling to other countries for exotic sex with no strings attached. But some may want to find a wife, or take this decision after falling in love.
Romanian wives are very caring, and at the same time they don’t like to feel exploited. They do a lot at home just because they enjoy, and it brings them some harmony and satisfaction.
In fact, they gladly and easily combine all indoor and outdoor activities if a man acts wisely. They should be given freedom so they run back to you, but also warmth and cosiness so they feel protected.
Again, it can be said about all women in the world but Romanian girls are just too feminine so they reflect this way of thinking very well. Moldavian women have another type of mind.
Since they used to survive by all means, just like their mother and grandmothers, they rarely get rid of that inner stress. Even if all is well in a relationship, they keep on worrying.
It leads to alcohol habits, a certain greediness, endless talks about the future, melancholy. One should chose a girl from a well-provided family in Moldova very thoroughly, to avoid those flaws.
In Romania, wealth is rather a disadvantage because such a girl will have wide horizons from the beginning, from the best education in London to a sky-rocketing model career.
That’s why in this country, it’s better to chose a woman from the middle class circle. In this case, she will combine all possible pros and the best female qualities you dreamt about.