Filipina Girls or Romanian Ladies: Which Best Suits You?

If faced with the decision of Filipina girls or Romanian ladies, you need the information below. We’re going over the basics you need to decide which is best for you. Choosing an international dating niche to pursue requires some careful consideration. 


If shyness is an issue for you, prepare to face that challenge with girls from the Philippines and Romania. This is especially so when you just meet them. This is even the case if you meet after building a deep connection online. The way to combat their shyness is being bold. Leading the way and surprising them with some romantic forwardness is sure to make them feel at ease in no time. Just note that this process is quicker with Romanian ladies. While their shyness is more of an introductory thing, Filipina girls are naturally reserved


Men not fond of the long, often drawn out process of courting will prefer Romanian women over Filipinas. Filipinas still expect a man to court her along with her family since family is cherished in Philippine culture. This involves dating, nice dinners, regular visits to her family home and more. Romanian women, especially those more metropolitan and sexually aware, do not require this. Aside from a few traditions, dating and pursuing is not much different from the women you’re used to. This is a win for most men since they get all the benefits of an Eastern European woman without having to make drastic changes to their dating style. 


When it comes to Filipina girls or Romanian ladies, Filipinas are quite reserved therefore waiting for sex to enter the relationship may be a long road but it really depends on the girl. Some only need a commitment to take this step while others wouldn’t think of being intimate with a man before marriage. Romanian women are much more open about sex. Although it varies from woman to woman, the chance of enjoying a physical relationship sooner is higher. This is made obvious by the acceptance of PDA in Romanian culture and the availability of barrier contraceptives in the country (you can find them anywhere). 

Taking Filipina Out Of Philippines

Household Duties

Both Filipina and Romanian ladies take household duties seriously. Whether they have a job, go to school, or both, they still take on all the household duties. This means cooking, cleaning, laundry and everything else. This has to do with their culture. Both Filipina and Romanian women are taught early on that housework is their job as a wife. Many enjoy these duties since a great sense of accomplishment and pride is associated with marrying and having a lovely home. 
Whereas Filipina girls are fine with being whisked away by a kind man, marrying and being a homemaker, Romanian women want to do it all. This includes having a career, raising a family, maintaining the home and keeping her husband happy. The reason for this drive and determination is the fact that most attend school while in Romania. It is difficult if not impossible to earn a decent living in the country without a college degree so a large portion is well educated and would like to put that education to good use. 


When deciding to go with Filipina brides or Romanian ladies, just know that women from Romania often win in the intelligence department. Despite this, both are intelligent. As said, it is hard to make a good living in Romania without an education so more women are earning degrees. Education in Romania is also performance based meaning challenging curriculum. Many excel in science, mathematics or tech. Filipinas are not far behind. Many attend school to earn a degree in areas like engineering or architecture. 


There are common myths that both Filipinas and Romanian women are submissive and dependent when that isn’t the truth at all. Romanian women are strong and independent. Additionally, they value their femininity and exude a gentleness that other women do not have. That being said, they can and will stand up for themselves when need be. Filipinas are timid, shy and reserved but can still take care of themselves. They are very responsible, much like Romanians, and manage to do an excellent job at taking good care of both themselves and others. 
So, will it be Filipina girls or Romanian free ladies? The choice is yours. Best of luck!