Romanian girls vs. Roma people

Romanian women are known to be very beautiful and sexy, like most of females in Eastern Europe. But what should one realize about them before travelling so far for meeting them?
First of all, Romanian girls aren’t for blonde lovers, they tend to be dark-haired and black-eyed with olive skin. It’s rather a Mediterranean type of appearance and it’s quite exotic.
The next fact is their national character which is a combination of traditional values and habits with bravery, even boldness when needed. It concerns women’s careers and protecting their families.
In other words, Romanian women are gorgeous tigresses who chose to be sweet kittens most of the time. To remain in this condition, they need a lot of stability and constant care.
Another important warning is that Romanian girls shouldn’t be confused with Gypsies who make a big part of Romania population. Those are completely different ethnic groups.
For example, Romanian people are so exotic-looking thanks to their Italian, Portuguese, Catalan roots. While Roma girls are of completely Indian heritage with a later mix of various ethnicities.
There are travellers who want to experience everything, and date both Romanian and Roma girls. But for the others focused on Romanian dating, the following tips may be helpful:
• Roma women look more tanned. So you can basically differ them by the skin color.
• Roma noses are bigger and their skull bones, cheekbones are more prominent.
• Roma girls got much thicker eyebrows and their hair line starts lower on the forehead.
• Roma women walk differently, they make bigger movements with hands and legs.
• Colors of the clothes are much brighter, it’s often sparkling and shining.
By these basic factors, one can easily recognize a Roma woman. But they can be asked directly about that since they’re usually proud of their heritage and ancestry.

How to attract a Romania girl online

Women in Romania surely use their gadgets and dating apps a lot. But this habit is much less developed there than in Asia or in the west. They prefer to keep themselves busy with offline things.
Remember that unique Romanian women still enjoy gardening, cooking, bottling veggies for the winter, decorating their houses with simple lifehacks, sewing, knitting, all kinds of outdoors.
That’s probably why they can be called one of the healthiest nations ever, and exactly Romanian females give the most healthy offspring. They are the most caring partners as well.
Since one cannot catch them online 24/7, he should take a chance quickly and attract them on the very first moment. How to do that? There are some efficient tips from dating experts.
• Always create an image of lone wolf who was waiting for his special princess. No talks about other women in your past or present, only dreams about true love.
• Be prepared to court her for a few months or at least weeks, but at the same time, be intense enough since you’re chatting only rarely. The victory will be yours.
• Tell your Romanian mate you’d support any solution of hers, from being a housewife to building a strong career. They can do both and they like to have a choice.
• Be sensual but not naughty. Romanian girls feel the difference very well. They’re very passionate genetically, but they cannot stand a vulgar treatment and attitude.
• Demonstrate your love towards a family. Show her you do care about your parents even if not fanatically, you love children, pets, and get involved into charity.
• Finally, the compliments. Show her you appreciate her beautiful eyes, and all the inner qualities, not just her bodyparts. Talk about her kind character, and sweet voice.
Romanian women aren’t hard to conquer, one just has to know what to say and how to act. Learn some of them traditions, some of their culture info, and both of you will be happy.

How to make love to a Romanian

Women use sex to receive love, and men use love to receive sex. It’s not bad or good, it’s all about hormones and our biological programs. Women want babies and men want trophies.
It is already obvious from the paragraphs above that Romanian girls are classical and like a long courtship, even if it’ll end with a casual affair. Are there hookup categories in Romania?
Of course, finding a hookup girl makes things easier. But in conservative countries like Romania, an escort person can mean the absence of values and a cheap easy behaviour.
There are two options, hanging out with a bar girl who’s ok to have quick sex for a few drinks, or hiring a professional escort woman for big money through the doubtful sites.
For some travellers, both options aren’t satisfying so they prefer to fully court decent girls in a way we described, for just one or several nights of pleasure. It requires patience though.
Many recommend not to limit yourself with one-night-stands in Romania but to date a girl during all your vacation or longer. It’s because they are a real treasure in the bed.
Romanian lovers are naturally passionate and imaginative, so one can forget about a monotonous routine he possibly had in his homeland or in other European countries.
It’s a kind of passion that makes Mediterranean food so colourful in tastes and spicy, a kind of passion that blows your mind even without any aphrodisiacs. It is an aphrodisiac itself!
That’s why experienced travellers are ready to wait for a Romanian girl as long as needed, and come to the date completely prepared after enough sleep, exercising, vivid and exciting daydreams.
It’s interesting that Romanian women enjoy and need the foreplay although even a single touch turns them on already. It looks cute and funny when they moan even of kisses and massages.
Hookuping in Romania for five minutes or one hour, like in other countries, is a big waste. They can do more, so better reserve the whole night or the whole day of your time and enjoy it.

Top ways to switch to another girl

Since Romanian women are so gorgeous, and sex with them is so highly satisfying, it’s easy to get trapped for months and even years. But what to do if you want to take a chance with many girls?
There are indeed men who collect women, so they may need a strategy to switch from one to another. It isn’t very simple in Romania, and special techniques are required.
• Just become very cold without a reason. Romanian women are too proud to chase you if you have changed towards them, so they’ll gradually disappear from your way.
• Start staring at your phone screen while she’s talking to you on a date. One time, two times, until she finally leaves you thinking you’re the most ignorant guy in her life.
• Fake some facts about your girlfriend waiting for you in your country, and let these facts leak. It can be a photo of some chick in your house. It works perfectly.
• Just tell her kindly after a few nights together you are polygamous by nature, and didn’t want to upset her before. The reaction will be instant, she’ll run away.
These are the most diplomatic and tolerant ways to breakup with a Romanian girl. Do not try more rude ways since there’s no need in them and you don’t want any trouble in another country.