Welcome to Leaf, Miele, Manganelli, Fortunato & Engel, LLC. We know that there are many accounting firms to choose from and we appreciate you taking the time to learn about us. We sincerely believe that your success determines our success, and your growth and financial future is tightly tied into ours. Recognizing that every business has unique circumstances, we examine each situation meticulously and remain flexible throughout the engagement, so that you are always receiving a customized and tailored approach.

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Founded 45 years ago, Leaf, Miele, Manganelli, Fortunato & Engel, LLC has grown to include forty five professionals and support staff thoroughly trained in their profession and in client service. Our partners have extensive networks within the business community and work with the finest professional service providers in the region, including attorneys, bankers, financial planners, insurance advisors, bonding agents and actuaries, providing you with a total financial solution.
Our services go far beyond the traditional compliance, attest and historical services performed by all accounting firms. To support your short and long term goals, we look carefully at the bigger picture, assessing the current financial needs of your business and of your family, and then working closely with you to plan for the future. Our clientele consists of family-owned and closely-held businesses, ranging from those with no staff to large corporations with in-house chief financial officers. We pride ourselves on having close client relationships and work diligently to earn the trust and respect of our clients.

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Our firm works with businesses in different industries and practices. To better service companies with varying business structures, issues and needs, we have developed a practice area for each of the following types of businesses.
The foundation of our practice is built on personal relationships with our clients and strong support for the local community. Our philosophy is simple: Provide the finest auditing, accounting, tax and management advisory services possible. Contribute to our community and our profession. Grow – but never lose sight of our local identity and the personal relationships we share with clients.

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For many lawyers, the reason they practice is because they want to help people. The main reason is that the legal industry and the legal profession are separated by a huge divide. How this separation is playing out on the market also gives insight into how the boundaries of the future of the legal profession are shaping up. It is important that these boundaries are drawn so that the legal industry is able to evolve to meet its clients' needs and desires while staying at or near the top of its game.
The very first thing to consider is that one should be in tune with the current client. This is so because the clients who will make up the majority of the law industry are the ones who need and want the best services. The lawyers who cannot see their current client as they enter the workroom must have serious misgivings about the ability to meet the demands of the clients, the lawyers must also be able to explain why they will not be able to provide the services that the clients want. There are plenty of things that a lawyer can do to be in tune with his or her client, but the first step is to listen to what the client has to say.
Another aspect to keep in mind is that the client service that a lawyer provides is not merely the delivery of legal advice. It is also about the attitude of the lawyer toward the client. It is this attitude that will set the tone for the relationship that the lawyer has with his or her client. The way that a lawyer acts toward his or her client can make or break the success of the career.

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Lawyers are not the only ones who are charged with giving their client service. There are many others in the profession who also need to develop and practice a sense of client service. The way that they do this is to make sure that they are providing the very best service for their clients and that they are using their knowledge to make sure that their clients have a good time while doing so.
Education plays a very important role in the process of being able to practice the profession successfully. There are a variety of legal issues that are presented every day. Lawyers must make sure that they are up-to-date on all of the information that comes their way. In order to do this, they need to be equipped with the tools necessary to do so.
An attorney's practice should be guided by a number of principles, which include that clients are always right and lawyers are always wrong, and that there are no absolutes in any area of the law and that there will be times that one will be better than another. in any circumstance. The firm's practice should also be guided by the idea that the law exists to help individuals achieve justice and that one can always come out on the winning end of their arguments no matter what.
A good lawyer also must know that he or she is an asset to the practice, regardless of what he or she does in that practice. He or she has to ensure that one never turns away a client.
These are some of the most important aspects of the law. Every profession has them, and they are as important for lawyers as they are for anyone else. Every profession needs to be able to provide its members with a sense of security that their services will be valued and that their skills are valuable to other lawyers. Lawyers and their law firms need to be open to all the aspects of the clients that they deal with, regardless of whether they are the client or a competitor.