Romanian Dating Culture: What You Must Know

Dating and finding a partner has dramatically changed from past Romanian traditions. Way back when, parents played the role of matchmaker. Marriages were arranged, a dowry was paid and weddings were extravagant events. Some tradition has carried over into Romanian dating culture but people are now free to choose their own partners. This is why brushing up on the dating culture is a good idea. It will help to navigate your way through and prevent any unnecessary hiccups. Here’s what you need to know. 

Double Kiss, If She Initiates It

When you pick up your beautiful Romanian date, it is customary to meet with a double kiss (a kiss on each cheek). First, say hello, smile, and see if she goes in for this common greeting. First, kiss her on the left cheek and then follow with the right. 


Any respectable man must always treat women with respect. This applies to the women he dates as well as any other woman he encounters. Aside from it being cultural etiquette, doing so just shows that you’re a good guy. To show respect, open the door for her, pull out her chair, and, if wearing one, tip your hat to the lady. A foreign man displaying some classic Romanian manners is very impressive. 


Physical appearance is highly valued in Romania and that importance carries over into Romanian dating culture. A date is an occasion and must be treated as such. Romanian women always dress to impress and expect the men they’re with to do the same. Consider it an expression of both respect and care for the person you’re with. Make sure you are well groomed with styled hair, nice clothing, shoes and don’t forget the cologne. 


Do gift your date with flowers. This is something men are expected to do when they take a woman out. In Romanian dating culture, gifting flowers is a strong romantic gesture. Additionally, flowers will instantly make a woman warm up to you since they make a girl feel special and cherished. Just remember to gift your dates with an odd number of blooms. Although a superstition, an even number of flowers is only acceptable at funerals. 

Carry an Extra Wallet

No, this isn’t to ensure that you have money to pay for dinner. For some reason, a lost wallet is a big deal in Romania. If you lose yours on a date, the unfortunate event may put a damper on the entire evening. Locals are very superstitious and although the reason behind this reaction is unknown, it may have to do with losing something you worked hard for or that the country is well acquainted with economic hardship. 

Be On Time

Romanians are punctual and consider it rude to be late. If you’re ever running late, be sure to text or call to let her know. Local women become quite stressed when a date fails to arrive on time. Not only is it nerve racking for women but Romanians also consider it very disrespectful. Once a Romanian woman single is mad at you, it is difficult to earn her forgiveness. This is especially so if the relationship is new. 

Be Romantic

Romance is a must in Romanian dating culture. The locals love romance, especially the women, therefore you want to pull out all the stops. Tell her how you feel, be honest, open and go for little romantic gestures throughout the duration of the date. Gaze into her eyes over dinner, compliment her, exchange warm smiles, and hold her hand. In their dating culture, it is up to men to show women a wonderful time and start setting the foundation for a strong relationship. 

Avoid Hugging

You know how some go in for a hug after a date, especially the first or second when they’re unsure if a kiss is appropriate? Don’t do that. Very few Romanian women are huggers. Hugging is rare even among married couples and families. If the mood is right, go in for a kiss at the end of the date. PDA is accepted in Romania. It isn’t uncommon to see affectionate couples while walking down the street or anywhere else. The key is waiting until the time is right.