Top-10 surprising facts you didn’t know about Romanian ladies for marriage
Did you know that Romanian girls are strikingly hot? Maybe you didn’t hear much about this Eastern European country but women there are the real treasure. Meet Romanian girls and you’ll never ever need a girlfriend of another ethnicity. A complete package is here.
Their appearance is worthy of detailed description. Historically, Romanian people are relative to Moldavians, Bulgarians, Hungarians, and Macedonians. It means that Romanian hotties are mostly dark-eyed, dark-haired, and naturally tanned. Their skin is lighter than Gypsies’ skin though and these two ethnic groups are different, although already greatly integrated. They have "cat eyes”, or almond-shaped eyes, always sparkling and piercing; high cheekbones; and full sensual lips.
The hottest Romanian models’ names are Beatrice Chirita, Monica Gabor, Madalina Diana Ghenea, and Antonia Iacobescu, so you can check and see. Romanian hotties are perfectly groomed in all ways and rarely gain extra weight, they tend to stay slender and gracious in any age. Young women work out a lot to develop both curvy and well-toned figures. Still aren’t on your way to Romania? Right, it’s more reasonable to meet Romanian ladies for marriage online first. They are a bit too conservative for going out with a total stranger!
However, awesome Romanian chicks’ conservative attitude is always in the right place. They are too conservative for dating several guys like some Western girls do, too conservative for cheating after marriage, too conservative for being feminists, too conservative for being lazy passive trophy wives. They hate positioning themselves as a piece of flesh one can buy. Do you see the difference? They still possess classical values and moral principles!
Marrying a Romanian woman is like winning a lottery. These aren’t just common words: Romanian ladies are even more traditional, classy, feminine, and hospitable than their Ukrainian competitors. Although this knowledge is mostly lost among the modern girls, they are skilled in cooking, baking, bottling the vegetables for winter, and much more. Their national dishes are similar to Moldavian dishes: Mamalyga, Pilaf, pork stew, plus they can cook Russian/Ukrainian borsch without any problem. Sauerkraut is a must on the table.
Romanian women can adapt well to both roles: being a housewife and building a career, depending on their man’s wishes and situation. But working hard and splitting the bills is more typical for Romanian smarties than just relying on a man and consuming. They realize though that moving to a more prosperous country and giving their future kids better opportunities is vital. Family and relationship come first for them. However, they are already emancipated enough to not tolerate abusive behaviour. Their old-fashioned relatives won’t judge them for getting divorced or separated if marriage wasn’t happy. And by the way, they aren’t that old-fashioned anymore to get married very early. They prefer to do that at a 25+ age.
Romanian ladies for marriage can be found on such sites as,, and The last one is totally free!
Big famous dating platforms for Eastern European women and Western men also have sections dedicated to Romanian beauties so once you decide to find one, it will be easy for you to do.
For your better understanding, Romanian people aren’t the Slavs like Russians or Ukrainians. They have a totally different heritage. They also speak a very different language that is closer to Spanish, Portuguese, and French. So if you happen to know one of these languages, you may catch up with what your Romanian mate is saying!
Well, the majority of modern educated Romanian women speak good English. They also travel quite a bit and have a broad mind so you won’t get bored with them. For sure, there are some pride and stubbornness hidden under their modest behaviour but these qualities are so typical for sexy tigresses and it’s easy to manage them.
Marrying a Romanian woman becomes possible thanks to their recently adopted open-mindedness and Westernized culture. Local men remain too old-fashioned and regressive for satisfying their mental, emotional, and physical needs. That’s why Romanian stunners became keen on dating foreign men.
Once you already made your choice and asked a Romanian girl out, stay respectful, gallant, and patient. Ask her gently about her family members, her hobbies, dreams, and goals. You may be rewarded and blessed to get the best wife in the world.