Top 5 apps to meet Romanian women 2019 (BrilicApp, Badoo, Match™, JAUMO, Moco)

About applications for Dating write often, but they are still few people take seriously. If you avoid fatal mistakes, there is still a chance to meet love. These tips have already helped at least one person.
When I broke up with a guy, my friends did not have lonely friends, I did not rest in clubs, and on the street only beggars and crazy people came up to me. In this situation, I could only sing All by myself in pajamas, but instead I downloaded JAUMO Flirt Chat & Dating and in a couple of weeks I found a guy with whom I had been together for a year.
Here are five tips on how to use Dating apps so they don't turn into a closet where there's a lot of stuff and nothing to wear.

Brilic: Serious Dating

Many people do not trust applications and think that there are only maniacs and desperate losers. It's a stereotype from 2009 with his Love Planet and TEXTING strangers. Do you remember Carrie Bradshaw walking through Manhattan and accidentally bumping into the man of her life? I don't think it's necessary to explain how complicated the situation is when you live not in Manhattan, but in Chertanovo. It's really scary to meet people here.
And if everything works out? After all, you will need to tell your parents and friends where you met each other. Dating on the Internet is still not taken seriously, so many download the application and hide it somewhere between the "Weather" and "Health" that no one saw, and then forget themselves.
Do not be afraid to get acquainted on the Internet and then tell everyone about it. After a couple of condemning glances half of friends (maybe mom) will also install an application.
In addition, it is an endless space for jokes. If you are asked where you met, you can answer: "at the races" or «in line for burgers from Timothy».
This app is designed to help travelers get to know the locals in the countries they visit. However, the" feature " of this program is instant translation of text messages into more than 60 languages. A Uruguayan can easily communicate with a Romanian without worrying about language barriers or imperfect pronunciation. In addition to text SMS, users can send each other voice messages, photos or arrange a group conference. The application also works as a platform where various travel diaries of tourists with photo reports, text or voice stories are placed, which they can share with other users.

Badoo Premium

In Dating apps, photos are almost all information about a person. Therefore, the majority puts himself the way he wants to seem. Do not pin your hopes, but it will turn out as with the "Defenders": the trailer is unexpectedly good, and the film as usual.
I remember when I met a brutal guitarist 10 years older, and on a date he told me that he lives with his mother and teaches Klingon. Another friend from Badoo Premium only uploaded a close-up photo of the face. In reality it turned out, that he likes to shoot from string in no green elf ears.
There was also a cardiologist with the appearance of Ryan Gosling, but it seems he only knew the professional question "How are you today?" Therefore, the current guy I chose not from the photo. But it turned out that he also looked like Gosling when he shaved.

Match™ - #1 Dating App.

At this stage, I lost about half of the candidates (excluding those who forgot to remove from the status of his girlfriend). It turned out that in the profile in social networks there is something worse than quotes from the kid's public.
I found a whole album with little girls at one of my chosen ones — and this is not the case when you are happy that he loves children.
Don't wait to be conquered
Guys in applications rarely write first, and even less often invited to a date. And girls like already not very something await, that someone will pay for them in cafes and give flowers, but still rely on the first step and couple of jokes.
• There is a suspicion that even Emma Watson herself can not get rid of the installation "you should not call the guy first".
• If you are interested in a person, take the initiative. Or at least try to keep the conversation going.
• It is important for the interlocutor to see that all this is necessary not only for him. Once a guy asked my friend if she was on Facebook, got a simple "Yes" and disappeared for a week.
Do not use clichés
Never start with " Hello! What's up?" unless you're Joey Tribbiani. But here it is better not to fall into extremes. My friend instead of "Hello" once wrote: "How many matches will need one square meter?" Only Sheldon Cooper can do that.
What to do? Try to find common themes in the first sentence. Don't talk about yourself too much — it's pretty quickly tiring, even if you have a sense of humor. It is better to ask questions. At the same time, you will feel like an Oprah in an interview with Charlie sheen after rehabilitation.
Don't text for too long
Make an appointment as soon as you see that the person correctly writes your name, puts commas in the right places and does not dress up in an elf costume on the first date.
From a long correspondence has at least two disadvantages. First, you run the risk of discussing all topics suitable for first dates. That's where all these stories come from, "and he seemed cool by correspondence" or "and then he asked me what I wanted to call the kids." Secondly, you can almost immediately fall in love with the way he writes, and at the meeting you will not like his jokes or a tattoo on the half-face.
And sometimes even so. Once I corresponded with a guy who took pictures, read a lot and grew orchids (which was a bit like the creepy type of "twin Peaks"). At that moment he was on a business trip abroad, and we agreed to meet in a week. JAUMO Flirt Chat & Dating week three, so by the time he returned, I met a guy found so far.
Don't settle for obviously disastrous Dating
It happens that a person very much, but any little thing can spoil all. As when I included the final of the European championship, and it is commented by hells know whom. If you immediately realize that you do not want to listen to this type of music, it is better not to go on a date.
One of my friends went, and after half an hour remembered the advice of "how to get rid of the guy...", and then another half hour played the famous play about a neighbor who has no keys.

JAUMO Flirt Chat & Dating

JAUMO Flirt Chat & Dating success is built on people's fear of being rejected during Dating. After a moment of registering through Facebook, the app displays photos representatives you are interested in sex, who are in the neighborhood. If a person looks nice to you - make a swipe to the right, if not-to the left. Only mutually approved both parts get the privilege of contact and the opportunity to arrange a meeting. For two years, JAUMO Flirt Chat & Dating's Dating service has become mega-popular in the US, Europe and Australia. Every day it creates 1.5 million pairs. At the same time, the application remains extremely simple, free and free from advertising, which did not prevent its creators – Sean rad and Justin Matin from Los Angeles-to get into the Forbes list of the most influential businessmen up to 30 years in the field of technology.

Moco - Chat, Meet People

How the app works. You can log in via "Instagram" or Facebook. The name, age and wishes of the user are visible in the ribbon. When a guy likes a girl, he presses the "grant a wish" button. The female half is available to the other- " I Want!". If the response is not interested, the candidate is immediately sent to the basket, but if his proposal has found approval — on the idea of the creators — immediately opens a private chat in which the couple agrees to meet. It is necessary to hurry-correspondence is deleted in just 48 hours. The app is only available for Apple.
Personal experience. I wrote in the profile that I want to go to the Museum and began to scroll through the options. The Prince in a sports suit offered a double burger, the young man in a tuxedo promised to give an evening "in elite society", and a Mature man — to go to Bali. Also, the princes searched for the lady, apparently, the fakir ("at the sound of the flute I lose the will") and the seamstress is needed to mend the pants. To agree on a date was very difficult - the application on the IPad did not work chat, had to comment on the desire in your profile to specify a link to the page "Instagram" and wait for me to come. Found me Prince Alexander - we went to the movies just a few hours after meeting (realized his desire, specified in the profile). I got a cartoon alpha male: at the meeting, he said straightforwardly that I was "nothing", on the way to the cinema called me" baby "and" little Princess", and during the film session leaping cackled and released stupid comments, spanked me on the shoulder just like in American teenage comedies — had to run away after the proposal to continue the evening and" not to sleep until dawn".