Top sites to meet Romanian women
To enjoy online Dating it is important to choose a convenient platform that would provide all the features you need and would not become another useless time eater. This is what we want to help you by reviewing popular mobile apps that will give you exactly what you want.

How the app works: the service brings together only those people who" liked " each other. Choose the knights or ladies according to the pictures (the developers advise to put a picture with a cute animal in the arms to be sure), University or work, as well as signatures (many neglected). In addition, by synchronizing with Facebook, the application will give common friends and show your common interests. Website will help you to declassify your partner completely - Placere will display the latest pictures if you enable this feature. The app also shows how far away the user is from you — so you can easily invite him to dine together in his spare time, if it turns out that he is a few kilometers away from you.
Personal experience. The report demanded determination — it was the only application in which I already sat before an editorial task, but then acquaintances didn't move further timid greetings. Now I had to forget about my mother's covenants and "write to the boys first." At a frantic pace spending huskies on the first comers, I sent everyone who liked (about 20 guys) the same message: "Good evening, do not you want to walk one day?". We go right now agreed to two — I put on a fashionable hipster with red twisted mustache.

The main distinctive feature of the service is that it is a global social netwo rk, which has a separate mobile version. In fact, the application is a tinder with a Romanian spirit: it is proposed to log in via " Vkontakte "or Facebook, post photos and write about yourself, and then "like" or put a red cross.
Winner’s match:
• Don’t be shy;
• Get yourself ready for something new;
• Get some fun;
• Open your heart and mind.
You can see who is next to you, see who came to your page, and check who you like in two blocks: "new likes" and "mutual likes". The application will not let you forget that you are in an active search for love: for each "like" you will receive an alert "you are interested in men" or "you like a new man", and if you write — on the smartphone screen appears "new message from Ibrahim". Get ready because your phone will literally burst from the notification as if you are a respectable businessman.

The experiment revealed the caste of applications - in Compatibilitate sits mostly intelligent public, which has established a service rather of anthropological interest — "to show themselves and others to see", to see the assessment of the level of its attractiveness in likes and "matches". The female part of users often complains of passivity, the male-outright boredom: to pull people out on a date from the Kingdom of photos and unencumbered "likes" is not easy, as the conversation "gets up" in the communication traffic jam after the duty "Hello, how are you?".

Give it a first try

And in applications simpler, alas, to find a couple for a serious relationship is even more difficult — men are too active: the contingent is waiting for sex in exchange for a movie or expects a hot meeting during the dismissal. However, the expert believed that the network meets as much as a third of all Russians. It is too early to judge how lucky I am — my colleague from a serious economic publication, with whom I met Tinder, is just planning the first meeting.

The main and General rule-be active. In any case, do not think that as soon as you appeared on a Dating site, so the case is already immediately done. To get acquainted through the site is easier only in the sense that there are going to those who know it is necessary. Therefore, you will avoid unpleasant rebuke like "I don't know" or "I don't communicate with strangers". But it is, in fact, the whole bonus. To meet on a Dating site, you need, just as in real life, to be able to win someone else's attention.

The first advice that will give any girl: men, be persistent. Oddly enough, it is this simple approach to Dating sites works 100%. Here, the same law applies to the operation of advertising leaflets. On 100 sent messages at least 1 person will respond necessarily.
However, it is very important to make the text of your message to the girls. When we conducted an experiment on a Dating site, "marrying" a virtual girl Alexander, we received more than 50 appeals from men who want to meet.
You have to understand that the "more precious" girl, the less she is inclined to understand the message flow, "nothing" and happy to tell everyone how she is doing. And that she looks good and like many, the girl herself is well aware. An active girl on a large Dating site has a flow of messages-pacifiers can reach tens and hundreds a day and you can be sure - she will not get acquainted with anyone who sent another "Hello". The main task of the man-to make a message that could distinguish it from the General gray mass.

The questionnaire should be creative and short. No need to write poetry on the whole page or philosophical treatises, it's still no one will read. Good banter and philosophical writing, but it should be able to. Better describe yourself briefly, interesting and unusual. A very good template for the questionnaire:
I'm an awful touchy-feely. My ancestors were monks. And my ancestors were monks. And the ancestors of my ancestors... More shortly. Nobody can touch me! But we can discuss it ;)
There is also an unusual variant of the questionnaire. Professional loan shark. Change:
- your charm at your ease;
- its location on your sincerity;
- sense of humor on a joyful smile;
- your mind on your curiosity;
- your interest in your communication;
- your time for your self-respect.
You can also describe your life in a positive way and write something like: The seller of happiness, the owner of inexhaustible positive and always good mood, the giver of smiles and joy. Brief and unusual. Also no need to tick where they put 90% of other guys. Write YOUR own ORIGINAL answers.